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The company mainly provides domestic and international land transport, sea transport, air transport, international express, transit trade and agent customs declaration, inspection and other one-stop comprehensive logistics services. It owns 13 trailers attached to the central and Hong Kong ports, 5 tons of vehicles and 8 trailers and more than 9.6 meters, 13 meters and 17.5 meters of domestic special vehicles, and has a large number of dispatchable Hong Kong transport vehicle resources, as far as possible for customers to avoid the holiday car shortage concerns. Domestic to hotel furniture and all types of large machinery car transport, machinery transport, insurance agents, cargo control and risk control is very professional. Every month, the number of long-distance special buses in China is up to more than 500, and has maintained a long-term win-win relationship with many top Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland machinery manufacturers in the industry.

Enterprise mission: always adhere to the integrity and innovation, the pursuit of innovative services, national policy, reduce costs while creating higher efficiency, committed to better logistics services!

Core values:

Talent first: provide the most attractive platform to introduce, guide and train talents and sincerely absorb talents with rich experience and resources.

Integrity and integrity: uphold the integrity and serious and responsible attitude to do a good job in service, attitude determines everything is our primary focus!

Team spirit: work together to make progress without abandoning or giving up

Safety awareness: safety first, prevention first

Weicheng logistics will be competitive prices, flexible and professional, standardized, information and high-quality services to meet customer needs, so that each customer can benefit from our cooperation. Company to "concentrate on logistics, integrity service" for the purpose, in line with safety, timely, satisfaction as the goal of service, in the fierce market competition, we hope that through a sincere attitude and conscientious professional services and customers to establish a long-term comprehensive and mutually beneficial friendly relations, work together to create a better future! International logistics, the promoter and practitioner of leading excellent third-party logistics services, reliable partner of enterprise logistics services, "focus on excellent logistics services, the pursuit of 100 percent customer satisfaction" is our unswerving mission.

To research and create professional, rapid, economic enterprise optimization international logistics service platform as the core, to "all customer satisfaction as the fundamental" service purpose, to promote "professional, accurate, humane" excellent international logistics service.

Service scope:

Has a strong foreign network system and domestic first-class professional team. Through the cooperation with long-term strategic trading partners, xinyang international logistics group's business service network covers most countries and cities in the world, covering more than 100 countries such as Europe, North America, South America, southeast Asia, far east, Australia, Middle East and Africa. Professional team: our team is composed of a group of senior personnel with long-term working experience, integrating domestic and foreign practical experience, to provide customers with quality services. By virtue of good cooperation with shipowners, airlines, ports, customs brokers and self-owned card collection, warehousing, import and export companies, we provide our customers with high-quality and efficient one-stop logistics and distribution solutions of FCL, air transport, multimodal transport, trailer, customs declaration, PROJECT CARGO and warehousing and value-added business.

Service object:

So far, more than 1,000 enterprises from the Chinese mainland, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, the Middle East and other countries have reached cooperation and achieved satisfactory results. With its professional service capacity, xinyang company assists enterprises to formulate the optimized comprehensive logistics plan, helps enterprises to realize the most valuable logistics outsourcing, helps enterprises to establish well controlled logistics projects, and promotes the borderless circulation.公司主要提供国内外陆运、海运、空运、国际快递、转口贸易及代理报关、报检等一站式综合物流服务。它拥有13个拖车连接到中央和香港港口,5吨的车辆和8拖车,超过9.6米,13米和17.5米的国内专用车辆,和大量的可分派香港运输车辆资源,尽可能为客户避免假日汽车短缺的担忧。国内到酒店家具及各类大型机械汽车运输、机械运输、保险代理、货物控制及风险控制都非常专业。每月,全国长途专车数量达500多辆,与业内多家港台、大陆顶级机械制造商保持着长期共赢的合作关系。