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The company was founded in 1993, is FIATA and IATA international transport association member, in 1999 through the ISO9001 quality system certification, with more than 200 agents around the world to maintain a long-term friendly relations of cooperation. At present, haicheng bonda has developed into a comprehensive logistics service provider with an annual turnover of nearly 3 billion yuan, more than 3,000 people of various talents and a network covering more than 70 ports and inland cities in China. With its strong strength and rich professional experience, haicheng bonda has become the designated logistics service provider for China's 2010 Shanghai world expo and 2014 Qingdao world expo. 2012, besides dagring integrate relevant railway resources, combined with the customs clearance, warehousing, logistics, shipping, airfreight, supply chain aspects of advantage, have to carry out the business of railway transportation, and quickly open the market, in addition to conventional domestic transportation and international multimodal transport, also successfully by contracting transport part of the high-end customers of large engineering projects and large logistics project. Operate the goods between China and central Asia, Mongolia and Russia, and transport the goods back and forth by means of international rail transport; Goods from Japan, South Korea, southeast Asia, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, the United States and other regions are transported to central Asia, Mongolia, Russia and other Eurasia inland regions via Chinese ports (tianjin, Qingdao, lianyungang, etc.) or reverse transport; Domestic trade transport, and inland cities such as xi 'an rail and sea combined transport, by rail to achieve port transport. With a number of senior technical experts, and has a large logistics fleet, bonded warehouse, its own AA qualified customs broker, can provide large engineering projects and overweight over the limit of large equipment to provide a full range of *** logistics solutions, reduce transportation costs for customers. Coordinate and organize point - to - point direct transportation and logistics services for bulk goods. If your company has the related export intention in the sea and air railway, you can contact me, I will wholeheartedly provide you with freight support and transport advice. According to the needs of production and operation, there are many departments. In the face of the complex external situation and arduous production and management tasks, we have gathered the wisdom of all the staff, fought hard to overcome difficulties, and made remarkable achievements.

The enterprise comprehensive strength is abundant, the processing equipment is advanced, the examination method is perfect, has established the complete quality assurance system, introduced in time invests the massive advanced production equipment, has guaranteed the product the technical level and the quality steady enhancement, has laid the solid foundation. The company enjoys a high reputation in the field.

And after years of development, enterprise talent structure is reasonable, assemble industry elite. We have a team of employees who can provide products and services to our customers quickly, and we have established a marketing team with first-class efficiency and service. International air transportation, international express delivery and international shipping are Hong Kong DHL, UPS, TNT and FedEx, which are first-level agents with mainland China. Relying on shenzhen international airport airlines and Hong Kong airlines, the close cooperation with airlines and the efficient sorting operation and scheduling capacity of Hong Kong and China airports and ports are the biggest advantages of our company. Over the years to domestic importers and exporters of international freight transport solutions. With years of operation and rich knowledge of international logistics. Enthusiasm for each customer answer import and export cargo transport service process, tailored logistics solutions. Fully guarantee the customer's transportation cost, timeliness and safety.本公司成立于1993年,是FIATA与IATA国际运输协会会员,1999年通过ISO9001质量体系认证,与全球200多家代理商保持了长期友好的合作关系。目前,海城邦达已发展成为年营业额近30亿元,拥有各类人才3000余人,覆盖全国70多个港口和内陆城市的综合物流服务提供商。凭借雄厚的实力和丰富的专业经验,海城邦达已成为2010年上海世博会和2014年青岛世博会的指定物流服务商。2012年,除了dagr整合相关铁路资源,结合通关,仓储、物流、航运、空运,供应链方面的优势,必须进行铁路运输业务,并迅速打开市场,除了传统的国内运输、国际多式联运,也成功地通过收缩交通的一部分高端客户的大型工程项目和大型物流项目。经营中国与中亚、蒙古、俄罗斯之间的货物,并通过国际铁路运输来回运输;货物从日本、韩国、东南亚、中东、印度、巴基斯坦、美国等地区经中国港口(天津、青岛、连云港等)或逆向运输运往中亚、蒙古、俄罗斯等欧亚内陆地区;国内贸易运输,以及内陆城市如习’安铁和海上联运,均由铁路实现港口运输。公司拥有一批资深的技术专家,并拥有一支庞大的物流车队,拥有自己的保税仓库,拥有AA资质的报关行,可为客户提供大型工程项目及超重超限大型设备,提供全方位的***物流解决方案,为客户降低运输成本。协调和组织散货点对点直接运输和物流服务。如果贵公司有相关海空铁路出口意向,可以联系我,我将竭诚为您提供货运支持和运输建议。根据生产经营的需要,有很多部门。面对复杂的外部形势和艰巨的生产经营任务,我们凝聚全员智慧,艰苦奋斗,攻坚克难,取得了举世瞩目的成就。