destinations by airfreight

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provides the combination of sea and airfreight services to cater the needs of our customers.

We send the cargo to trans-shipment centers such as Dubai, Vancouer and Los Angeles etc., and then send them to final destinations by airfreight.

This is one of the cost effective ways to ship cargoes. It can reduce high airfreight costs and meanwhile shorten the lead-time all the way by sea. For example, the Sea & Air services to Europe will take less than 2 weeks.

The services are available at competitive rates. Our door-to-door services are operated in conjunction with appointed partners. A unique combined transport document (CTD) is used for the combined sea/air mode of transport. SeaAir Hybrid Product
As a leading wholesaler of both air and ocean, we combine the best of both worlds, in a unique SeaAir hybrid. This 100% Shipco product offers multiple weekly departures from Asia with air freight from Los Angeles & Miami to South & Central America, all in a Shipco controlled environment. Learn More
Rate Advantages
As a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF), Shipco Airfreight can tender pre-built units which often drives down the rates. We have global contracts with many airlines and can combine volumetric and dense shipments from customers which leads to competitive rates for you. Remember to check with Shipco as often as you do with the airlines.